a12hgt259 $149 Suit Package

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$149 Suit Package

Time for a new suit! This is gonna be expensive, right? Think again. Enter MissionaryMall's Signature Suit Package. Available in either Slim or Classic fit, this durable, breathable, wrinkle-resistant polyester/viscose suit costs only $149. That's not a typo or seasonal special. $149! That price also includes basic alterations. Need we say more? Actually, yes! There's more! Buy any Signature Suit for just $149, and get a FREE Robbins & Brooks Dress Shirt, a FREE pair of our World-Famous Walk Socks, and a FREE Washable Polyester Tie! THAT'S A WHOLE NEW OUTFIT FOR LESS THAN THE AVERAGE COST OF A SUIT RENTAL. Upgrade your wardrobe today (without paying insane suit store prices)!

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