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2-Year Wearproof Guarantee

What is it? This guarantee is a service and benefit designed to help the full-time missionary who originally purchased the items from our store so that they do not have to re-purchase missionary clothing in the mission field. This guarantee is specifically for the repair or replacement of items that have been damaged, which means that there must be a hole worn in the fabric, leather, sole, sock, etc. This does not cover damaged items due to “elder error” (i.e. staining, laundry mishaps, theft, ritual and intentional damage). However, you are welcome to submit any requests for replacements and situational circumstances may be considered. Replacements will not be given after the missionary has returned home from their mission. Our fashion grade items and clearance items are not covered under the 2-year guarantee.

How does it work? It’s pretty easy! Please fill out the form at the bottom of this page to submit a request to our customer service team. Please Note: As of January 1st, 2018, an invoice # is required in order for your request to processed. Submissions are addressed within 24-48 hours. For any additional questions regarding the guarantee, please email us at There is a $10 flat-rate shipping fee for all shipments.

We can ship replacement items within the United States! Replacements sent to missionaries serving in the US will be sent to their mission office.

We do NOT ship Internationally. Why? We don’t ship directly to missionaries outside of the United States since the shipping costs are substantial not only to us, but to the missionary as they are responsible for duties and customs. For missionaries serving outside of the United States, we can ship items to a home address in the US, which can then be forwarded to the missionary at the expense of the customer.

Can I get items replaced right before I come home so I have a closet full of new clothes?  No!  This replacement is for the benefit of missionaries to use while still serving in the fieldso they can focus on the work. Replacements will not be given after the missionary has returned home from their mission. Please be honest. Clothing replacement is not meant to outfit younger friends or siblings or provide a new wardrobe a few months before the end of mission service.

What about popped seams or buttons that fall off?  We expect missionaries to know how to sew on a button or be able to repair a popped seam. For hemming and other seam issues, items can be taken to a local tailor or dry cleaner and the receipt may be submitted for reimbursement. Please email us at before the work is done for approval.

Shoe Coverage—The Two Pair Rule In order to have your shoes covered by the 2-Year Wearproof Guarantee, you must purchase two pairs of shoes from us. (Sandals and boots are not included.)  Why? Most missions suggest that missionaries take 2-3 pairs of shoes. Taking just one pair of shoes will not last for any missionary and will likely cause significant foot problems. Shoes must be rotated daily! Giving the shoes a day off between wearing gives the sole a day to rebound before being worn again. This provides more durability and softer cushion to the feet, legs, and back. It also allows the shoe to dry, which prevents foot health problems and helps the leather last longer.

How Long Does It Take?
Replacement or repaired items usually ship in 1-2 weeks. If we no longer sell the item or a particular style has been discontinued by the manufacturer, a similar style of equal or greater value will be selected in its place. If an item is sold out or is on backorder for longer than 6 business days, you will contacted to see if you’d like to wait for the original item or select another style.

Additional Information:

Even If You Don’t Use It, The Guarantee Benefits You
Our product line has been refined by this guarantee. If we see that something does not last, we stop selling it! Everything you buy from MissionaryMall has been tested by real missionaries. If it fails, we get it back and fix the product or find another supplier for future missionaries. We don’t just offer theories on what we think will last—we put our money where our mouth is. We are on the line for items that don’t last.

The Two Year Guarantee Saves You Money
Our prices are already the lowest around, but the guarantee means that you will never have to “re-buy” mission gear, saving you hundreds of dollars on your mission as well!


We often get asked why we don’t guarantee the women’s clothing and shoes for the length of the mission. For a few years in the beginning, we did offer the guarantee. Once again, we learned from our experience. It upset customers more than it helped them because the guarantee for women was not as easily implemented as it is for men.

For starters, we hardly ever replaced gear for sisters since they serve a shorter amount of time and weigh much less than elders, which is a critical factor in shoe wear. Almost 90% of requests for replacements were due to weight fluctuations, but the clothing hadn’t worn out. A skirt is not going to wear out like a pair of trousers. Over the course of the five years that we offered the guarantee, we replaced 6 pair of shoes and paid for the repair of less than one pair of shoes per month.

Secondly, over the course of 18 months, women’s apparel goes through 6 quarterly fashion cycles—meaning we struggled to keep “like” product in the store for replacements. So, if we no longer carried what the sister had originally taken on their mission, we were unable to replace it with the same item they had loved. Unlike men’s clothing (which hasn’t really changed for the past 80 years—watch a Cary Grant movie and you’ll see what we mean) we are always dealing with new colors, styles, fits, and sizing. By not offering the guarantee, we were able to carry more fashion-forward pieces without worrying about whether the sizes and fit would be consistent with items we had sold the previous year.

Thirdly, fitting sisters is not as straightforward as fitting elders. For an elder’s pant replacement, we only need the waist measurement and outseam. For sisters, there are many more variables to consider. We work around all the variations in a woman’s figure, and how the clothing itself is designed to fit, not to mention personal preference!

We ultimately concluded that it had become more of a frustrating waste of time than a help to the sister missionaries. The focus in the women’s side of our operation is more on modesty, comfort, and easy care. We also do extensive research on durability and current fashion trends, and build both elements into mission-appropriate items. Of course, we cover manufacturer defects, but the 2-Year Wearproof Guarantee on clothing, shoes, and fashion bags does not apply to clothing for sisters. However, all gear we sell through the women’s store that is also carried in the men’s stores (traditionally Mission Grade gear such as luggage and mission accessories) is covered with the same guarantee.