Handkerchiefs 6pk.

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We know, we know, you've never used a handkerchief in your life and it seems like something from old movies. 

Believe us, they're not just for fancy 80-year-olds and prom suit decorations.

Let's put it this way: If you're a missionary serving in Florida, walking in the heat and sweating in your dressy clothes, wouldn't it be nice to wipe your forehead before knocking on a stranger's door and having them open up to see you looking like you just climbed out of a pool?

It may sound funny, but this is a real thing.

You'll be sweating a lot, you won't be allowed to wear a sweatband (ha), you definitely shouldn't wipe your brow on your sleeves (ick), and you don't want to carry a gross wad of tissues around with you everywhere. So, why not carry a handkerchief? You can wash them with your white shirts and use them over and over again. This pack comes with six, enough to get you through a week between laundry days.

They're not a relic from a bygone era; they're your new best friend.

-Pack of 6 hemmed handkerchiefs.
-100% Cotton
-Machine Wash Cold
-Lay Flat to Dry