V-Neck Sweater Vest Heather Grey

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Heather Grey V-Neck Sweater Vest


If you're a guy who says, "I don't need sweaters for my mission--I never wear sweaters," you're not alone. Lots of young men aren't "sweater wearers"--but then their mission comes, and everything changes.

There's a good reason why. Some weather isn't chilly enough to justify a full winter coat, but it would still be uncomfortably cold to be out in it for hours with only your white shirt and suit jacket. Having a layering sweater between your white shirt and your suit jacket makes a big difference! Some weather is so cold, you'll even want to layer a sweater under a heavy winter coat! Of course, it depends on where you are serving, but honestly, if the temperature ever goes much below 60 degrees Farenheit, a sweater is a good friend to have. You might not think it's cold walking to your car from your apartment, or from your car into Wal-Mart, but once you've been walking outside for three hours, a slight chill in the air can feel really cold--especially if the wind is blowing at all.

Layering sweaters from MissionaryMall come in one of three varieties: Long Sleeve V-Neck (most popular), V-Neck Sweater Vest, and Long Sleeve Quarter Zip. We highly recommend taking at least 2-3 sweaters (bearing color combinations with your dress clothes in mind) to any mission with Autumn or Winter weather.

Our sweaters are hand or machine washable.

You'll be happy to have them, even if you've never been a "sweater wearer" before! Trust us, we've been there!

-Hand/Machine washable

-100% Acrylic 

-Uniform grade-very durable but soft and professional

-Thin enough for layering, but excellent for warmth