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Arrow Long Sleeve Dress Shirt



Our best and most durable long sleeve dress shirt with uniform grade collar fusing. This means no bubbles and it's rated for industrial washing which is a far higher grade than normal retail shirts.


-Double stitched elastic collar extender for comfort
-Heavy duty "bowling ball material" buttons with extra stitching and heavy duty poly-core thread (like a mini climbing rope)
-Taped shoulder seams / pocket. This is key to a wrinkle free shirt! The shoulder seams and pocket lay perfectly flat.
-60% cotton (natural fabrics are nice and breathable) and 40% polyester (polyester gives durability) blend in a pinpoint oxford uniform grade fabric. This is the lightest weight we could get and not have it be see through. This means it is perfect for hot missions (breathable and light) and cold missions (breathable layer that won't trap sweat). It is super durable and naturally wrinkle free.
-Fitted shirt with a 2 inch longer tail so that the shirt will always stay tucked in while riding a bike or bending / sitting down.