Due North Ice Diamond Replacement Spikes 6-pk.

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The Due North‚® Ice Diamond Replacement Spikes are designed specifically for use on all Due North‚® winter traction aid products. They are intended to replace lost, broken or worn spikes to maintain optimal traction. The innovative design of the Ice Diamond Tungsten Carbide Spike gives the Due North‚® Traction Aid family superiority over other winter traction aids.
As a safety precaution, Ice Diamond Spike tabs button into all Due North‚® Traction Aid products, and are technically designed to give and release from undue stress without tearing the rubber.

Long lasting made with Tungsten Carbide, which is ten times stronger, wears longer, is inherently spark resistant and retains its ice piercing edge better than steel.
Superior traction each Ice Diamond spike works independently, piercing uneven surface contours to provide the ultimate grip on ice and packed snow.
Easy to replace simply push replacement spike from the inside to the outside of the sole to replace spikes.

missionarymall Due North Ice Diamond Replacement Spikes
missionarymall Due North Ice Diamond Replacement Spikes