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Foot Massaging Spike Ball



Foot Massaging Spike Ball


You may be super active. You may be a churchball all-star. You may have even gone on treck once.

Nevertheless, your feet are not prepared to walk 10-12 miles a day in dress shoes. It's madness. Only LDS missionaries do it.

Here is relief for your aching feet. Believe it for not, this little spike ball, which you can roll uder your feet at the end of a long day of tracting (or athletics, or hiking, or whatever else), will help stimulate blood flow and tissue healing in your feet. You will feel less pain, and your feet will be healthier over the long haul. It really works!

People with foot strain and injuries have benefited from using this little wonder, and as a missionary (or a regular Joe), you will too! Trust us--it's money well spent.