Sewing/Manicure Set

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Sewing/Manicure Set


So you lost a button on your shirt. So you popped a stitch on your jacket. So your dress slacks have a hole in the pocket.

Time to buy new clothes, right?

No way! Don't waste your time and money going to the store or getting new clothes shipped from home--this inexpensive little beauty has everything you need for button replacement (including replacement buttons!), seam repair, and basic stitch fixing--in any color!

Many missionaries have never used needle and thread until their missions--but many missionaries would also tell you that thanks to their sewing kit, they saved a lot of money and stress on their missions (the person writing this had no sewing experience and wound up using their sewing kit within the first few weeks of their mission! No kidding!).

A sewing kit--better to have it and not need it than need it and not have it!

And we haven't even mentioned the manicure set that's included!

Set includes:

Nail Clippers




Nail File

Tape Measure

8 Spools of multi-colored thread

Extra White Buttons

Safety Pins

All in a small zip-up case!

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