Charcoal Acrylic Scarf

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Charcoal‚ Acrylic Scarf


Leaving your bedroom window slightly cracked during the winter can make the whole room unbearably cold.

It's the same principle with scarf wear. You may not feel like covering your little neck would make that big of a difference, but Elder and Sister RMs who wore scarves on their missions would tell you: it can make all the difference between you hating life and you whistling while you work. For hours. Outside. In dress clothes. With the wind blowing. In the snow.

This acrylic scarf is thin but warm. Durable but professional. Soft but washable.

If it's going to be approaching freezing temperatures or lower in your mission, you need a scarf. Yes, I'm talking to you, kid-who-won't-wear-scaarves-cuz-he's-too-cool. You'll thank us later.

Proteck yo neck!