$399 Goodyear Welt Dress Shoes Package

A goodyear welted shoe is one of the most durable of shoe construction methods. When a shoe is made using the goodyear welt, it is stitched through the welt, the upper, and the insole rib. Through a separate stitch, the welt is attached to the outsole. For both of these stitching points, a lockstitch is used – meaning the chain won’t unravel if it breaks down at any particular point in the shoe. This keeps the shoe from falling apart and helps the shoe remain waterproof. 

This construction also means the shoe can be re-soled over and over again. Each pair comes with additional rubber treads so the shoes can be re-soled. 

The goodyear welt is a more expensive way to make a shoe, but when you look at it from a "cost per wear" standpoint, you will be saving money in the long run by not replacing your dress shoes every couple years.