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Tract Sling Messenger Bag



Missionaries have enough to worry about without lugging an uncomfortable, bulky bag around everywhere they go.

That's the thinking behind the Tract Bag.

A stylish, compact design makes the Tract Bag a great option for missions of all kinds, but especially for walking-heavy areas (and even missionaries with cars do tons of walking, really).

Many missionaries who purchase large, heavy bags before their missions wind up abandoning them for smaller, lighter options once they feel the toll on their shoulders and back. Why wait to learn your lesson the hard way?

The Tract Bag also comes with a removable rainfly for waterproofing on a stormy day, as well as several compartments for various missionary materials.

The Tract Bag: Don't tract without it!

-Compact, light design

-Fashionable and functional

-Several useful compartments

-Waterproof rainfly (removable)

-Anti-theft clips

-Shoulder strap made of seatbelt material

-Cushioning on back for comfort on your back or hip