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Rhino Wrap



Rhino Wrap Wraps 4 Bags:

  • TSA Compliant: All bags x-rayed. Only if prohibited items found will bag be opened.
  • Protects Against: theft, damage, accidental openings, rain, filth, bedbugs.
  • Uses: Stretches to wrap any size bag / luggage / golf clubs / surf & snow equipment / instrument cases / boxes / baby strollers.
  • Radiant: Bright colors help ID your bag.
  • Easy:   1.Wrap it.   2.Stick it.   3.Mark it.
  • Quick: Wrap your bag in 2 min.
  • Economical: Airport machines cost as much as $30 per bag.
  • Portable: Size of a lint roller. Take it with you for your return flight.
  • Lightweight: Under 2 lbs. Easily transported and used. 

Rhino Wrap protects your luggage no matter size or shape! Most travelers have encountered the awful experience of checking their luggage only to then receive it with broken zippers, rips, stains, or even items stolen from their bags. Luggage locks are useless!  Any baggage handler knows how to break into any zipped bag simply by popping open your zipper with a ballpoint pen. Then, just as easily, the zipper can be "cycled" and your bag re-zipped with your valuables gone forever.

How can travelers protect their luggage and belongings while complying with TSA regulations? The answer is RHINO WRAP! Developed by a pilot who saw a need for luggage protection, Rhino Wrap stretches securely around your bag keeping both your bag and belongings safe from damage, theft, rain, filth, insertions, openings, and bedbug transfer from other bags. And it's TSA COMPLIANT!  

Rhino Wrap stretches around all types of luggage, such as suitcases, duffel bags, and rollaboards, but Rhino Wrap is also great for uniquely shaped luggage like golf clubs, skis, snowboards, car seats, bikes, and wheelchairs.  

Rhino Wrap helps you identify your luggage. No more mistaken identity! Having a hard time finding your luggage on the baggage carrousel? It seems like everyone has the same black bag! With Rhino Wrap, you'll never have to guess again or worry about someone else "accidentally" taking off with your bag at baggage claim. In addition to Rhino Wrap's bright colors, it comes with a marker to write your contact information directly onto the bag! It's ideal for travel when you are forced to leave your bag in the care of total strangers at airports, on cruises, or on trains and buses.

Rhino Wrap is easy to use! Simply wrap it, stick it, mark it! Rhino Wrap comes on an extended core handle making wrapping easy.  After you wrap your bag, secure the end of the stretch wrap with one of the 10 stickers included (so the Rhino Wrap does not unravel). Then, mark your bag using the included marker.

Don't leave home without it. Rhino Wrap is about the size of a lint roller, 10 inches tall and 4 inches across at the widest depth, so it is portable enough to take with you on your trip so you can use it again for your return home! Take it from a pilot who knows travel: It pays to protect your luggage and travel items with Rhino Wrap! 

One Rhino Wrap roll includes a proprietary formula and manufacturing method of yellow stretch wrap (5 inches x 400 feet), 4 secure stickers to secure the end of the stretch wrap for up to 4 bags, and a permanent marker to write your identifying information directly on your bag.

TSA Compliant: Every bag is x-rayed. Only if the x-ray image shows a prohibited item or suspected prohibited item will your bag be opened and inspected by the TSA. In the event of a TSA inspection, Rhino Wrap should be resealed using TSA inspection tape by a TSA agent, but in some instances the Rhino Wrap will be removed and discarded. If you claim your luggage at baggage claim and your Rhino Wrap is missing, immediately inspect your bag to ensure there is a TSA "Notice of Baggage Inspection" inside of your bag. If there is not a TSA "Notice of Baggage Inspection" inside your bag, inspect your bag for stolen items or planted items and notify the TSA, airline personnel, or airport police immediately.