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Grand Tour Tiber Luggage Black


The Grand Tour Tiber Luggage doesn't just last for your mission, but for college, vacations, and moving for years to come! Limited 10 YEAR WARRANTY*.

Travel and new experiences literally expand the mind, cause new neural pathways to grow, and turn on dormant parts of our DNA. ‚ We love travel, so our goal with this luggage was to get as close as we could to the luggage Tom Hanks uses in "Joe vs. the Volcano." ‚ We wanted it to be something you could depend on for years to come. ‚ When you first see the quality and durability of this set, we want the angels to sing and light from heaven to shine onto the luggage like in the movie-- and if not that, maybe it will at least spark something in you that will make you want to travel a little more now that you have amazing luggage!‚ 

When we first got this luggage in, my in-laws bought two sets. ‚ They tend to travel "heavy" with a lot of gear, as well as on plans, trains, cars, trucks, motorcycle taxis, etc. ‚ They have children and grandchildren in Alaska, Kenya, Utah, Oregon, Florida and frequently go on cruises and other travels. ‚ They have packed this luggage to the weight limit and have set out on adventures to Europe, Kenya, Oregon, Florida, and most recently (I'm writing this in spring of 2019) Alaska for a ski trip with grandkids. ‚ When I picked them up from the airport and saw the luggage, I could see that it had its fair share of scratches and dings, but the wheels were still as smooth as the day the got it, the telescoping handles all still work, and the zippers are all still in great shape. ‚ I asked them how the luggage was doing and they are thrilled with how well it is performing.


Why does it do so well and last so long? ‚ Well, factory testing is what it is all about, and not all factories have all of the required testing facilities. ‚ The manufacturer of this luggage makes for some of the top brands in the world, so they have all of the luggage testing machines necessary to ensure years of quality operation for the really high end luggage brands. ‚ Here is a short list of the materials and testing that we do on this luggage:


100% Polypropylene Thermoplastic:‚ We chose this for the shell of the luggage because it has the best strength to weight ratio for hardside luggage. It is the material of choice for very high end sets that cost 2-3X more than ours. ‚ It is lighter than polycarbonate and far stronger than ABS, it is the best of both worlds! ‚ One of the other customers who buys from this same manufacturer has an iconic commercial with a car hitting Polypro luggage in a crash testing facility and then the luggage popping back into shape.

Hardside Luggage Advantages: Hardside luggage protects breakable objects, as well as being water and mold resistant. Fabric luggage was our go-to for years, but with the advances in hard side luggage materials, this is now our favorite option, especially since luggage spends about 99% of its life at the back of a closet with no ventilation.

TSA Compliant Locks:‚ This luggage features TSA compliant locks which keep your gear secured, but can also be opened and inspected by the TSA without breaking into or cutting open your luggage.

8-wheel System "Running Test"

-Tested for 8 continuous hours, over 20 miles of bumpy terrain while loaded with 55lbs. ‚ The machine that does this is a treadmill that has metal bars bolted across it, so it is similar to running over 20 miles of cobblestone fully loaded.

-Wheel supports reinforced with metal shanks unlike cheaper luggage that just has plastic swivels for the wheels.

-In the unlikely case the wheels break, they are easily replaced with a philips-head screw-driver.

3-Foot "Wheel" Drop Test:

-Luggage is loaded with 55lbs, and then dropped from three feet directly on its wheels. ‚ The machine is like a mechanic trap door.

Temperature Test:

-Some hardside luggage materials become very soft when exposed to heat, or very brittle when exposed to cold. ‚ You guessed it, these machines are basically a large freezer and a large oven.

-Our polypro luggage is tested in both heat and cold to make sure it functions well from Siberia to Brazil!

Handle "Jerk" Test:

-In our travels, we've discovered that the handles are the most vulnerable part on luggage.

-We test ours by loading the luggage with 55lbs and giving it a 2" freefall "jerk" 2500 times. ‚ The machine basically hooks onto the handle and then drops it about 2 inches and then jerks to a stop 2500 times.

-The handle is also opened and closed 10,000 times to ensure a lifetime of trouble free operation. ‚ This machine is super boring to watch, but it basically mimics extending the handle and then retracting the handle.

Impact Testing:

-The luggage is loaded to 55 lbs and then exposed to several tests.

-It is rolled around in a large "drum" for 50 rotations-- the machine basically looks like a huge dryer drum with big fins that you could stand in.

-It is exposed to 25 lb weights being dropped on it to test resilience. ‚ Less scientific, but fun to watch.

-It also is stomped on while empty to test the ability to rebound to its original shape. ‚ Also less scientific, but mimics angry luggage handlers (you've all seen the videos on social media).

Stair and Freefall Testing:

-The luggage is loaded to 55 lbs and pushed down a flight of stairs. ‚ Again, not super scientific, but fun to watch.

-It is also dropped on its front from 12 feet in the air. ‚ This is more of a test to see if it protects the items inside.


Long story short, if you love to travel and want to own really premium luggage at a fraction of the price of the big name brands (seriously, our whole set costs less than a single carry-on from some of these companies) this is the luggage for you!

*10 year warranty covers manufacturer defects not use or ware and tear


International‚ large check in bag:‚ 28"

International Compact (medium) Check in bag:‚ 24"

International Carry on bag (Small):‚ 20"

Customer Reviews

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Joshua Larson

Grand Tour Tiber Luggage Black

Pauline Meilsoe

Look good, we use them in July ☀️

Honestly good

I haven’t had the opportunity to travel with it yet so take this with a grain of salt.. so far they are very sturdy and the zippers are smooth like butter! They have very cool locks that took me a second to figure out but after I did it was crazy cool. The only thing is I wish there was more color selection to personalize it :)