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Gospel Gear Plan of Salvation Puzzle English


Kit includes 7 laser cut pieces and 1 drawstring carrying pouch.


Gospel Gear's Plan of Salvation kit is designed with minimalism and also depth in mind. It is meant to be a tool in a missionary's hand in order to help investigators better‚ visualize‚ the beauty and simplicity of the Plan of Salvation.

Below is the vision that we had when we created each piece and the meaning behind our design:



Premortal Life

The outer rays surrounding this piece represent the glory of the spirit body and of the world where we use to live in with our Heavenly Father.


Life on Earth is represented‚ through‚ a recessed silhouette of the continents.

Spirit World

The user can teach to the needs of the audience due to the simplicity of the piece.‚ Dark recessed areas represent possible periods of confusion or sadness.‚ Raised areas represent periods of joy and happiness from obedience to the commandments.
‚ (Note: The piece is‚ purposely‚ not labeled as paradise and prison to allow more flexibilty in teaching)


Resurrection, judgment, and immortality are inescapable.‚ In this piece, resurrection is encircled by judgment hinting to judgment's inevitability.‚ The piece also highlights the overall process of resurrection leading to judgment.


The three kingdoms (Celestial, Terrestrial, Telestial) have twice as many outer rays surrounding them as the Premortal life. This distinction represents the glory of a resurrected body and the overall progression‚ made‚ throughout the Plan of Salvation.‚ The glory of each kingdom is‚ represented‚ by the amount of light contained within the‚ center‚ of the piece. The Celestial kingdom or the glory of the sun represents the greatest source of light and therefore it is the highest state of existence that one can achieve.‚ 


The Terrestrial Kingdom has an equal number of outer rays as the Celestial Kingdom; however, the rays are diminished in their overall volume. This represents the diminished glory of the resurrected bodies in this kingdom compared to those who inhabit the Celestial Kingdom.‚ The moon represents the second greatest source of light and therefore the second highest state of existence that can be achieved.


Even more‚ diminished‚ in overall volume, the outer rays of the Telestial Kingdom represent the smallest amount of glory that a resurrected body can obtain.‚ The star represents the least amount of light compared to the other kingdoms. This is the lowest state of existence that can be achieved by one who receives a resurrected body.

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Everything was great!